18 Best cameras for low light video: (2022 Guide & Reviews)

My packed daytime routine only gets me night hours to pursue my passion.

Since childhood, I have been interested in photography and wanted to be a full-time photographer, but things didn’t always go with my plans.

I have decided to satisfy my desire at any cost.

Unfortunately, get only a few night hours free to utilize for photography as the lighting situation at night is not favorable for photography often.

I have tried many good cameras to overcome this issue that helped me get the best results in low light.

There are some of the best cameras for low-light videos I have used.

What are the best cameras for low light video?

Here are my recommended top 18 best cameras for low light video:-

Sony A7S III: (best camera for low light video)

It was fall time when a few of my friends decided to have a camping night near the woods.

I immediately agreed to the plan because I always wanted to spend a night in the peaceful yet haunted environment of the wood.

I was so excited and wanted to cover this probably once-in-a-lifetime experience.

As we have been staying there for the night, I must get a camera that can work fantastic in low-light situations.

I packed the Sony A7S III, the best camera for low-light video.

I recorded every moment of the fun we had, and the results were beyond my imagination.


12.1MP sensor

Optimized for 4k

ISO up to 409,600

Fast Hybrid AF

10-bit depth

4:2:2 color sampling

5-axis steady shot image stabilization

2.36million-dot Tru-finder

UHD 4K video recording

Ten fps of frame rate


I enjoy using this camera and found it best because of its applications in various working situations.

It presents me with satisfactory speed processing and practical low-light performance.

The image sensor and enhanced autofocus let me a stabilized video recording with its extraordinary sensitivity range of ISO up to 409,600.

My videos are of more superior resolution and negligible noise disturbance.

Speedy operation:

The sensor couples with an advanced image processor, which delivers high-resolution stills and videos while overcoming noise and enhancing speed.

The UHD 4K video recording allows me a wide active range by employing the full-frame sensor.

The sensor and processor hybrid also enables me to get a speedy continuous shooting at up to 10 fps.

Easy handheld shooting:

The speedy and swift autofocus with a dutiful subject tracking function adds more accuracy to my work.

My videos turned out highly skilled and stabilized because of the 5-axis steady shot image stabilization that balances five different types of camera shake.

Usually, I encounter blur and shakiness resolved by this developed technology during handheld shooting.

High-resolution videos:

Whenever I shoot in low light, I get worried about the video quality, but this camera, with its impressive resolution, didn’t let me down.

No matter in which situation, it always enables me to get high-resolution videos.

The UHD 4K video recording, along with 10-bit depth and 4:2:2 color sampling, furnishes the product of my hard work into a high-quality video.

My videos turned out with high-end color accuracy and fidelity even in low-light.


Sony A7 III, the best low light sports video camera, has always amazed me with its cutting-edge technologies.

It functioned sufficiently in any situation without any trouble.

Its rugged magnesium alloy body guarantees durability and rigidity, while the internal video recording qualities provide the best outcomes any time anywhere.

It’s now my go-to lens. Buy it now!

Nikon D3400: (best low light video camera under $500)

I often got video or documentary projects during my university years.

After struggling with many projects I usually used to shoot at night and borrowing cameras from my friends, I decided to buy a camera.

I was a student and was just doing a few tuitions for my livelihood.

I didn’t have considerable savings to get a camera of good quality.

I started searching for a camera with a low budget I had.

I came across the features of the Nikon D3400 and got attracted to it.

When I saw its price, I felt so happy and excited that it was under my budget.

This camera is the best low-light video camera under $500.

Everyone appreciates me for my work since I got this camera.


24.2MP sensor

ISO sensitivity range 100-25600

Frame rate up to 5fps

Full HD video recording 1080/60p

1x optical zoom

Optical Viewfinder


This camera has provided me with a new gateway to better video recording.

The features have enabled me with the best outcomes.

The impressive and flawless low-light performance has my heart.

With its high-speed operation, this camera has made my life easier.

Its effective image sensor of 24.2MP has given me high-resolution and recording without any disturbance at all.

ISO and performance:

The photos and videos I have caught with this camera are as rich and realistic as the moments.

I get to shoot comfortably in relatively low light without a problem.

The color depth it provides is near to natural skin tones.

The native ISO range from 100–25,600 enables me to get the best of the scene in a real quick time slot.

High-speed Frame rate:

The unbelievable performance is made possible by its advanced features.

I record stunning 1080/60p Full HD video by pressing a button.

It allows me the effortless results with a sharp focus.

Clicking the shutter button captures 5 FPS continually with full autofocus performance.

This system quickly reaches my subject and delivers clear focus, even during high-speed shooting and low-light conditions.

24MP CMOS Sensor:

When I get stuck in a bad lighting situation, this camera’s fantastic 24MP CMOS sensor gets me out of it by offering excellent raw performance and satisfactory quality.

Advanced CMOS sensor and EXPEED 4 processor, which work together to create a high-quality video with remarkable detail and color accuracy, add a low-light sensitivity.

The quality of the video relies on its steadfast AF system and an optical viewfinder for better viewing.


Nikon D3400, the best low-light video camera under $500, has made my shootings fun and easy.

It frames great shots without allowing me effort unconditionally.

I have been finding great perspectives in everyday scenes with this fantastic camera.

My abilities have grown with this camera, allowing me complete control over its abilities.

Getting all the advanced features in a reasonable range has made me feel grateful. Give it a try!

Sony a6400: (best professional video camera for low light)

I worked on a short film with a few of my friends to get nominated for the annual short film award.

This award was so crucial for our photography career.

We selected the most influential topic and started our shoot, but we often faced bad lighting situations that degraded our quality.

Our camera was not satisfying with its results, so I recommend investing in the best quality camera.

We got the Sony a6400, and none of us believed our eyes when we saw the outcomes.

It fully satisfied us with our hard work.

We also got selected for the award because of this best professional video camera for low light.

This camera has shown our professionalism with full dignity.


24.2MP sensor

ISO sensitivity range 100-102400

Frame rate 1-120fps

Real-time eye AF

Real-time object tracking

Up to 11fps continuous shooting

Contrast detection


Slow/quick motion


I found it best because of the fast imaging tools integrated with the impressive 24.2MP image sensor.

I get the sharper quality video even in unfavorable lighting situations.

The continuous rapid shooting capabilities have given me higher resolution, impressively enhancing my work quality.

High quality in Dim Light:

It has shown me outstanding performance in any available situation.

The ISO sensitivity range efficiently enhances its working abilities, providing high-quality dim lighting products.

It allows me a fast operation while shooting videos at various frame rates ranging from 1-120fps.

I quickly get a sharp focus on swiftly moving objects without distortion.

4K video recording:

It employs artificial intelligence and real-time autofocus, resulting in the enhanced quality of my videos.

The sensor allows effective light collection and helps me achieve a wide sensitivity range.

The 4K recording feature with full pixel readout with no pixel binning has made my life better than before.

The exceptional depth of the product attracts me to use it for every shoot.

Fast hybrid autofocus:

During movie recording, this camera, with its advanced AF capabilities, keeps my subject in steady, smooth focus, even if the lighting situation of the surrounding isn’t favorable.

This developed AF adds touch focus functionality, making it an appropriate choice for tough-duty video recorders like me.

This camera can automatically detect the eyes and faces of the subject with its real-time eye AF.

The new Real-time tracking mode utilizes its algorithm that contains artificial intelligence-based object recognition and processes color, depth, and brightness to assure that all subjects can be caught accurately.

My videography has been made easier with its real-time tracking and real-time eye detection autofocus.


Sony a6400 is the best professional video camera for low light.

It has given me extraordinary performance for both stills and videos.

I freely use it in any condition without worrying about outcomes.

It’s the most reliable camera for my big projects.

Its high resolution has never let me down in any situation. Get the piece now!

Sony a7R IV: (best mirrorless camera for low light video)

My friend decided to propose to her girlfriend and shoot the most memorable moment.

He told me he’d propose to her at the cruise night event. I agreed and got excited for this magical moment.

I picked the Sony a7R IV, the best mirrorless camera for the low-light video, to seize their special moment perfectly.

I knew the trustworthy features of this camera and was entirely sure that it would not disappoint me in low lighting.

As I expected, the results turned out incredible and successfully recorded the most charming moment of the two love birds.

They also felt so happy seeing the video and thanked me for my efforts.


61MP full-frame image sensor

ISO sensitivity range 100-32000

Up to 10fps continuous shooting

Fast hybrid autofocus

Accurate color reproduction

4k video recording

5.76million dot OLED true-finder


This camera has provided a unique product marked by outstanding stills, video performance, and versatility.

Its versatility has made it the best camera.

The enhanced image processor of this camera gives exceptional imaging results to me with marked smoothness at a 15-stop dynamic range.

Each video of mine turned out with a professional finish with its extraordinary features.

Stabilized Working Results:

Its real-time focus has added precision to my work.

Using its speedy Hybrid AF System, phase-detection autofocus, I have stabilized working results for remarkably accurate focusing performance.

This high-resolution sensor has also been marked by its impactful sensitivity range from ISO 100-32000 for working in various lighting conditions.

Improving Balance:

I’m a fan of its high-end performance.

The 5-axis steady shot sensor-shift image stabilization is adequate to minimize the impression of camera shake by up to 5.5 stops.

It improvingly balances the imaging values and works for greater color accuracy.

I enjoy using its updated rugged design with robust weather sealing to suit working in terrible weather conditions and low lighting.

The OLED electronic viewfinder has boosted an exceptional 5.76m-dot resolution for precise viewing.

4K video recording:

I get high-resolution videos in no time.

The internal recording of 4K videos yields more detail, and a full pixel readout is achievable, with no pixel binning, for higher quality videos.

4K recording capability has been dramatically enhanced for improved quality when using the entire sensor width.

I can achieve the clean 4K videos by utilizing its features, even shooting in low-light situations.


Sony a7R IV is the best mirrorless camera for low-light video because of its unbelievable working performance.

I’m still discovering its features.

Its robust design with stable internal working has made me believe in my guts.

My skills have been improved.

I love to use it in harsh conditions because I had entire confidence in its capabilities.

All the features have been involved with higher precision. Get it!

Panasonic HC-WXF991K 4K Ultra HD: (best low light 4k video camera)

Sunsets calm my soul and give coolness to my eyes.

Whenever I felt tired, I went to the coastline near my town and watched the sun setting in the quiet ocean.

I enjoy these heartwarming moments and often capture them in my camera roll.

Once I decided to record the whole majestic moment of sunset, for this purpose, I have used Panasonic HC-WXF991K 4K Ultra HD, the best low light 4k video camera.

The lighting isn’t favorable during the evenings, so I choose this lens.

It successfully helped me record the favorite moment I enjoyed the most.

By watching this video, I felt peace within myself, just like I’m witnessing it in real.


18.91MP sensor

4K ultra HD recording

5-axis hybrid image stabilization

HDR movie mode

ISO range 100- 102400

24/30 fps frame rate

1080p displays

Electronic viewfinder EVF


This camera is best with its integrated features because it permits me the most satisfactory video quality at available lighting.

The merged effort of every element offers high-resolution.

Its effective yet straightforward operation helps me get high-quality 4k UHD and full HD video.

It delivers me the cinema-like effect in any working situation.

Encountering blur:

The videos I make from this camera appear highly clear, level, and stable-looking even with handheld footage.

It contains optical and digital image stabilization, which fixes all 5-axis distortion or camera shake for me, blended with Panasonic’s Level Shot function.

Its electronic ViewfinderViewfinder has made my life more comfortable by enhancing viewing in bright daylight or at night.

At the same time, a slide and tilt mechanism supplies improved flexibility for more comfortable recording.

Higher Frame rate:

Its sound 18.9MP optical sensor delivers me satisfactory resolution that blends with a Crystal Engine 4K image processor to sustain 4K UHD video at 24/30 fps and 1080p video up to 60 fps.

Its unique ISO sensitivity enabled me to get the best quality results in dim-light situations.

This camera feature has made a place for this camera in my heart.

The Smart zoom of this camera has increased its range up to 40x for Full HD and 25x for 4K recording of my videos.


Panasonic HC-WXF991K is the best low light 4K video camera I have utilized up till now.

Its outcomes and accuracy have made it the most favorite lens of mine.

I used it for many other goals, for which it functioned fantastically.

No matter for what purpose I use this camera, it won’t compromise its resolution.

Every feature of this lens has filled my heart with love. Give it a try!

Canon EOS 90D: (best DSLR camera for low light video)

I’m very fond of traveling and finding new lifestyles and cultures.

I always wanted to see the busy streets of New York and decided that whenever I visit New York, I’m going to record a fantastic video of Times Square.

Luckily, I got a chance to see New York the previous year.

The first thing I kept in my luggage was the Canon EOS 90D, the best DSLR camera for low-light video.

I knew that you wouldn’t get the best lighting anytime, anywhere, or the comfortable shooting situation during travels.

Considering all the challenging factors, I have decided to go with this heavy-duty camera of all time.


32.5MP sensor

ISO sensitivity 25600

4K UHD 30p/Full HD 120p video

Continuous shooting of up to 10fps

Eye detection AF

Wide AF area coverage

Electronic shutter

Multi-controller buttons

2160p video resolution

Optical ViewfinderViewfinder


This sleek DSLR camera with capable photo and video traits has proven the best camera.

It enables me to achieve the high-resolution 32.5MP sensor with an impressive processor.

This revised sensor design helped my videos enhance image transparency, resolution, dynamic range, and professional sensitivity to ISO 25600 and lower noise to fit working in various environments.

High UHD Resolution:

I learned that the sensor is also qualified for outputting UHD 4K30p and Full HD 120p video with the combined image processing.

It supports me shooting continuous stills at rates up to 10 fps. When functioning with the Optical Viewfinder, an adept 45-point cross-type AF system affords speedy performance in a range of lighting conditions for tracking moving subjects and working in low light.

Its Dual Pixel AF system advantages live-view shooting and movie recording.


This camera accomplishes its imaging capabilities by including a touchscreen LCD, giving me comfort and easy access to the control.

I get the advanced image viewfinder that supplies a bright, clear, and lifelike viewing that distinguishes the DSLR shooting experience.

Additionally, built-in Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity permit me to pair mobile devices with my camera to move files for sharing my photos and movies online wirelessly.

High-speed electronic shutter:

I get an easy, yet speedy approach to my subject by utilizing the fast operating electronic shutter integrated into this camera.

The impressive speed of this electronic shutter makes this camera super effective for capturing moving objects in low light.

This robust shutter helps me obtain broader coverage with remarkable results.

This speedy electronic shutter function enables working with shutter rates up to 1/16000 second.


Canon 90D is the best DSLR camera for low-light video.

I have used it from sporty events to everyday life recording; it gives me the best results possible on any niche.

It features the most powerful image processor, which helps me achieve sharp, stunning results.

Its sensor helps me get the desirable outcomes in any lighting situation.

I have been experiencing its fantastic features for so long, and now it has become my most favorite camera.

Sony A7III: (best Sony camera for low light video)

Once I went for a quick walk in the evening.

Sometimes in the evening, I felt highly motivated and energetic.

I decided to uncover the Sony A7III, which my friend gifted me on my birthday, and I was eager to try new things.

I took the camera with me and stepped out into the outside world.

I shot many random pictures and recorded a video of kids playing in the community park.

The lighting at that time wasn’t good as the sun was about to set down, but this camera gave outstanding results in the low light conditions.

I have found the best Sony camera for low-light video.

Evening street shoots has become my new hobby because of this camera.


12.1MP sensor

Optimized for 4k

ISO up to 409,600

Fast Hybrid AF

10-bit depth

4:2:2 color sampling

5-axis steady shot image stabilization

2.36million-dot Tru-finder

UHD 4K video recording

Ten fps of frame rate


It’s a fast imaging tool with specialized technologies.

Its effective sensor gives me sharper end photos and super explicit videos.

Its ISO sensitivity effectively increases its working capabilities in dim-lighting situations.

While using its high-speed mechanical shutter, this camera can continuously shoot up to 11fps.

Its slow and quick motion settings allow shooting videos at various frame rates ranging from 1-120.

Fast Autofocus:

Its fastest focus system has enabled me an accurate and sharp focus on swiftly moving subjects.

I confidently track the objects moving across the frame with real-time object tracking.

It also employs artificial intelligence that results in improved accuracy.

Its touchscreen allows me easy activation of real-time monitoring.

4K recording:

Its image sensor allows it to collect light efficiently and helps in achieving a wide sensitivity range.

I get exceptional depth and detail to the image, which adds versatility to the camera.

My videos came out impressively clear because of all these impactful features—the 4K recording with a full pixel readout without binning.

Reduced noise in videos:

In my evening shooting, when the light situation didn’t favor my video recording, it’s this camera’s impressive features that helped me get high resolution.

The quality I achieve even in low-light is unmatchable with reduced noise distraction.

The element of minimal noise benefitted me in recording videos with improved quality.

At the same time, the extended ISO range gives light sensitivity, which helps me get better and compose outcomes in evening shoots.


Sony A7 III, the best Sony camera for low-light video, has always provided me with high-grade professional results along with its cutting-edge technologies.

It served me well in any situation without any trouble.

Its strong magnesium alloy body secures durability and rigidity, while the internal video recording properties provide the most valuable outcomes any time anywhere. Buy it!

Nikon Z6 II: (best Nikon camera for low light video)

We arranged a birthday party for my brother, and I took the responsibility to cover the whole event.

Saving these little happy moments are always a pleasure to me.

These minor sources of happiness bring peace to our souls.

The event was organized at night, and I was worried about tackling the lighting situation.

Nikon always saves me, and Nikon Z6 II helped me this time. After using it, I have realized that it’s the best Nikon camera for low light.

Nobody can reach its standards and quality.

The lighting situation of the party was a bit off, but the video of the event turned out super clear.

It helped me preserve my happy moments for a lifetime.


24.5MP sensor

ISO 100-51200

14fps frame rate

4K UHD at 60p video

1x optical zoom

2160p video resolution

Six processing engines

Eye detection AF

Electronic ViewfinderViewfinder

Vibration reduction image stabilization


I’m using this versatile full-frame mirrorless camera that excels in speed, quality, rate, and video performance.

It offers me high-speed shooting with the buffer ability to match.

The 4K Ultra HD video at 60p makes it the best of all. It performs outstanding low-light capabilities, which furnishes my work.

Continuous shooting speed:

This camera combines the image sensor and dual EXPEED 6 image processors, characterized by an improved buffer depth and rapid continuous shooting rate, up to 14 fps or 12 fps shooting in other focusing modes.

Video recording at UHD 4K 30p is feasible, or up to FHD 120p for slow-motion output.

The sensor also works in various lighting conditions, with sensitivity from ISO 100-51200.

Higher Resolution:

This camera is an updated take on the all-rounder camera created for high-end photo and video applications with more rate, versatility, and performance.

It adds many side features such as Dual processors, Dual card slots, Wireless connectivity with smartphones and laptops.

I found this is capable of creating a 4K time-lapse movie with a full pixel readout.

Vibration compensation:

The issue which I face more often during handheld shooting is the vibration and shakiness I get because of the unsteady hands. But blissfully,

I enjoy shooting with this camera because of its impressive vibration compensation capabilities.

Its powerful in-body image stabilization technology effectively solves all my problems of blurriness and reduces all the vibrations helping me get a clear video.

This technology improves the quality of my videos.


Nikon Z6 II, the best Nikon camera for low light video, impressively balances the imaging and retains its overall bodily design.

Its robust body with advanced AF and improved vibration reduction stabilization has given me peace in filmmaking.

It allows tons of creative features to experience, and that’s just the beginning.

I’m exploring and learning from this camera which gives a unique perspective to any view.

Canon EOS R: (best Canon camera for low light video)

I love to travel and want to see all the places around the world.

Whenever I visit any country, I always keep a camera to seize the priceless moments.

I have experienced many unbelievable things, and I’m proud of myself for those.

My dream is to uncover every corner of the world and make memories.

But on each journey, I have a constant partner that’s Canon EOS R.

It is the best Canon camera for low light video, which benefits me to shoot or record any moments without any worry.

From Dubai to the United States, It has never left me disappointed.


30.3MP image sensor

Eight image processor

Dual Pixel AF

Built-in 3.69m-dot electronic ViewfinderViewfinder

Native ISO 40000

Continuous shooting of 8fps

UHD 4K30 video recording

Movie digital image stabilization

2160p video resolution


This advanced camera has proven it the best with all its valuable features.

This camera includes a high-resolution 30.3MP full-frame sensor and an eight image processor, which works outstandingly in providing me with the best quality.

Combining these technologies suggests a comprehensive sensitivity range up to a native ISO 40000 and a fast continuous shooting to 8 fps with a 4k30 UHD video shooting.

4K recording:

This camera enables me to get outstanding performance in all available situations.

In addition to its advanced imaging profile, the sensor also allows a unique dual pixel AF system, which works for precise and accurately attaining focus.

This focusing system is also keen for working in impressively dark conditions.

The AF system is also quite fitted to the UHD 4K video recording capabilities.

Clear Vision:

This camera incorporates a high-resolution OLED 3.69m-dot electronic viewfinder, giving clear vision and bright eye-level viewing of videos.

It also includes digital image stabilization, which effectively reduces the shakiness of my unsteady hands during video recording.

Its high ISO enables me to get better results in a low-light while.

Dual Pixel CMOS AF:

During my travel photography, I am always concerned about the lighting situation because the bad lighting means low quality and unreliable focus.

Now, after getting this camera, I’m free from this worry. Using this camera in unfavorable situations gives me smooth and quick focus performance by the dual pixel autofocus.

I now have a direct and fast focus approach perfect for tracking moving subjects to improve quality.

This advanced system is keen to work efficiently in low-light conditions with accurate AF capabilities.


Canon EOS R is the best Canon camera for low-light video.

Canon has kept its legacy by providing the best features and progressive technologies.

I have had some of the most enjoyable moments with this camera.

It impressively polished my skills and provided my work with a creative perspective.

It allows better and broader viewing of any subject that helps me in video recording.

Nikon D5500: (best low light video camera under $1000)

My younger brother presented me with a camera at my graduation as I was so interested in photography and video recording.

Keeping my passion in my mind surprised me with the best gift ever.

I love when someone fulfills my need. It was Nikon D5500.

When I opened the package, I felt so emotional that I tightly hugged myself.

He collected his pocket money to buy me a camera to pursue my passion.

I was shocked and happy when I used the camera because the results were nothing less than professional.

I asked him its price, and surprisingly It was pretty reasonable with incredible low light results.

This camera is the best low-light video camera for under $1000.


24.2MP sensor

ISO sensitivity range 100-25,600

39-points autofocus system

5fps continuous shooting range

Vari-angle LCD

1080/60p HD video recording

Slow-motion effects

Built-in Wi-Fi and smartphones compatibility

3x optical zoom

Penta-mirror viewfinder

1080p video resolution


I found it the best camera because it features the advanced 24.2-megapixel sensor and an EXPEED 4 image processor that supply high-resolution images and Full HD 1080p video.

It also offers a notable low-light sensitivity up to ISO 25600 and up to 5 fps of frame rate.

The optical low-pass filter permits additional sharpness in both photos and videos, and this feature of this camera makes it best of all.

Highly Effective Autofocus:

The highly effective autofocus of 39-points with nine cross-type sensors enables me to work comfortably in a wide variety of lighting conditions.

It allows me to shoot full HD videos at multiple frame rates up to 60 fps, with full-time continuous autofocusing capabilities.

A wide range of shooting modes is also available for effective recording.

Intelligent Processing:

This possesses a variety of technologies.

Its intelligent scene recognition system and 3D Color Matrix Metering utilize a sensor to assess and examine aspects within a scene, including illumination, contrast, subject distance, and the scene colors.

It quickly determines a precise exposure and white balance setting to nicely render the scene at hand.

AF tracking:

During recording, full-time autofocus can be operated, with face-detection and subject-tracking abilities, for guaranteed sharpness for my videos and stills.

My subject can easily be efficiently be tracked by its advanced technology of AF.

This AF system gives me comfortable access to shoot enhanced quality videos without disturbance.

The sharp focus on the subject with this technology helps me record videos in low-light conditions.


Nikon D5500, the best low light video camera under $1000, has come to my life like a blessing.

It was not less than a gift to myself—all the possible best features in such an affordable price range.

Its elements have proven themselves among the best of all.

It benefits me in any trouble situation I face during my shoots.

The videos have turned outstanding by this camera’s advanced and super refined technologies.

Nikon D3500: (best cheap camera for low light video)

Being an amateur photographer, I always indulge in looking for the camera under an affordable price range.

I always wanted to learn more and more despite any situation.

As a beginner, I couldn’t invest in costly cameras.

After searching and asking many of my seniors in the field of movie-making, I came to know about the Nikon D3500.

The feature which was my priority was the capacity of the camera to work better in horrible lighting, and this camera has solved it all with a breeze.

My hard work pays off. I have found the best cheap camera for the low-light video, which helps me work better in any lighting situation.


24.2MP sensor

5fps continuous shooting speed

ISO range 100-25600

3x optical zoom

1080p video resolution

Eye-level Pentamirror reflex viewfinder

11 autofocus points and fulltime AF lock


This camera has offered me a flexible approach to my subject in low-light conditions.

Utilizing a 24.2MP sensor and EXPEED 4 image processor has impressively given me the best results in inadequate lighting by allowing direct access of light in its detector.

The native sensitivity range from ISO 100-25600 suit operating in various lighting conditions, which makes it beneficial for me to take it anywhere without worrying.

Advanced optical ViewfinderViewfinder:

The advanced ViewfinderViewfinder has been integrated, which has helped me achieve the best results in any situation.

I get an Eye-level pentamirror reflex viewfinder that has provided me with a broad approach to the view of the scene.

The 11 autofocus points with full-time AF lock have given the intense sharpness and focus on my subject during shooting.

The perfection shown through my videos is the combined effort of each element.

High-Resolution videos:

The quality of my videos represents the 1080p resolution.

The influential clarity of my videos is the result of their significantly promising solution.

My videos have appeared with rich colors due to the developed processor working.

With the 3x optical zoom and 5fps continuous shooting speed, I can take energetic and optimistic videos in nearly any condition.

24.2MP CMOS sensor:

I often face low-light situations during my shoots, but this camera’s impressive 24.2MP CMOS sensor helps me handle the situation.

The new CMOS sensor collaborates with the EXPEED 4 processor; they both work and process together to achieve high quality with exceptional detailing, accuracy, color fidelity, and low-light working sensitivity to the native ISO 25600.

The additional sensor’s low-pass optical filter provides sharpness to my videos.


Nikon D3500, the best cheap camera for low light video, has given me the best performance for both videos and photography.

The cutting-edge features and the resolution results in high quality even at a low price.

It’s the best offer to get.

The quality of videos will never be compromised no matter the surrounding situation. It has incorporated all the features you can wish for in a camera. Get it now!

GoPro HERO9: (best action camera for low light video)

I have collaborated with a fitness brand that makes energy bars and drinks.

For this purpose, I have to shoot a video with an action sequence to promote the products.

The brand has planned a shoot at night, which was tricky for me.

The lighting at night never favors the user. I selected the most trustworthy camera of mine that’s GoPro HERO9.

I found it most suitable for this situation as it’s the best action camera for low light video.

I enjoyed shooting this action video and felt so confident when the brand owner personally appreciated my work and gifted me their products which too are fantastic.


23.6MP sensor

5K ultra HD video resolution

30fps frame rate

1080p in live stream

1x optical zoom

3.0 HyperSmooth stabilization


8x slo-mo



Adding a 23.6MP sensor that provides me outstanding results and the best resolution couldn’t allow me to get my eyes off from it.

I have been supplied with high-detail 5K30 video and 20MP photo capture alongside the latest skilled settings and valuable functions.

The perfection I see in my action videos without any depressive factor is the primary attraction of this camera.

Unreal 5K video resolution:

I have received the ultra HD 5K video resolution, which has immensely enhanced the quality.

The clarity of the video left me speechless.

Besides this, it also gives me 1080p in the live stream.

I have found it ideal for action recording because of its high-grade resolution.

The poor lighting doesn’t affect the clarity and transparency of my video.

3.0 HyperSmooth stabilization:

The advanced technologies I have experienced with this camera have added stabilization to my work.

The hyper smooth 3.0 has added stabilization and perfection to my action recording.

My videos get smoother and stable without any distortion that may destroy my video’s integrity.

The high 30fps continuous shooting speed has made it ideal for action work by significantly reducing lag.


GoPro HERO9, the best action camera for low light video, is a highly specialized camera with unique features and sophisticated technologies.

The resolution has impressively increased its quality which attracts every eye.

Its advanced features have improved its performance.

It is the ideal camera for action shooting as it didn’t drain in any situation.

You won’t get an attractive option than this for your action recording.

I had a fantastic experience using it. Try it yourself!

Canon EOS 6D Mark II: (best video camera for low light concerts)

My favorite singer was in town, and I couldn’t resist attending his concert.

I bought the tickets for the show and took Canon EOS 6D Mark II, the best video camera for low-light concerts.

I decided to cover this memorable night of my life, seeing my favorite singer singing live in front of me.

I reached the show, and it was packed with people.

After seeing my crush, my heart started beating faster than usual.

I tried my best to utilize my skills and recorded the video.

I was a bit nervous because it was brutal shooting this terrible lighting, but this camera worked outstanding.

I felt so happy when my post got alike by my favorite singer.


26.2MP full-frame sensor

Optical ViewfinderViewfinder

6.5fps continuous shooting

Dual Pixel AF with phase detection

Full HD 60p

ISO range 100-40000

1080p video resolution

4K time-lapse video

Vari-angle LCD

Wireless connectivity


The outstanding 26.2MP sensor with the optical Viewfinder didn’t let me worry about the outcomes of the videos.

Its optical sensor can also handle dim-lighting situations, which helps me record tempting concerts.

I can shoot detail-rich videos with little noise disturbance because of its optical ViewfinderViewfinder, which gives a comprehensive approach to the subject.

The ISO range helps my videos to appear with pleasing colors.

Crisp and clear videos:

My crisp video with refined details results from the 1080p video resolution provided by this camera.

This dynamic resolution gives a clear digital view of the concert or anything I record.

I can also shoot a 4K time-lapse video with this camera with improved quality even in low light.

The video with full HD 60p has helped me record the concerts comfortably.

Continuous shooting speed:

The 6.5fps of continuous shooting speed has provided me with the better working of the camera with impressive smoothness.

This moderate frame rate has supplied a soft view to my videos by eliminating the harshness.

Along with frame rate, the dual pixel AF with phase detection has proven itself by helping me achieve extraordinary perfection in my videos.

Full-frame CMOS sensor:

The videos I record from this camera are of incredible quality because of the dynamic combined effort of its outstanding 26MP CMOS sensor and high-speed image processor.

I’m blessed with both quality and speed in one package.

The videos reach the level of perfection even in low-light situations because of their expanded ISO range up to 40000.

This improved range has done a lot of benefits for me to comfortably use it in dim lighting as it improves the camera’s light sensitivity.


Canon EOS 6D Mark II, the best video camera for low-light concerts with its exclusive features, has helped me shoot many concert videos with perfection.

It has all the necessities that may require to achieve an ideal result.

Attend any event without worrying about the lighting situation because this camera knows how to tackle the negative factors.

Get the impressive videos with precision by buying this lens now!

Fujifilm X-T3: (best budget camera for low light video)

I was going on a vacation to Asia, and I remembered to get the camera at the end moment.

Holidays are valueless if you didn’t save those precious moments you have lived, which are probably once in a lifetime—because my hands can’t control nature, so I have to prepare myself for all situations I may encounter during traveling.

I have spent so much on traveling and accommodation expenses that my budget wasn’t that good.

Luckily I got blessed with the Fujifilm X-T3, the best budget camera for low light video.

When I used it, the first impression of this camera was so impactful that it had become my travel buddy; what’s better than having high-quality results on a low budget.


26.1MP sensor

3.69m dot OLED electronic viewfinder

Four image processing engines

4K movie recording

Low-light phase detection

Continuous shooting up to 30fps

0.75x magnification


I have got the best low-light videos because of its impressively excellent 26.1MP sensor.

The entrance of light enhanced by its sensor allows me to better visualize my subject digitally in dim lighting.

My videos turn out well-exposed with vibrant color and accurate color balancing.

The videos appear with minor noise disturbances, which increases the overall quality of my video.

Flawless movie recording:

My videos have been getting better exposure by its four image processing engines.

The resolution of the video is flawless, with a sharp focus with accurately balanced color across the frame.

The 4K movie recording with the low-light phase detection has provided me with pleasing results.

The lighting situation around me doesn’t hurdle the quality and resolution of my videos.

Enhanced Frame rate:

With the unbelievable excellent outcomes in low-lighting, the frame rate of 30fps has been providing me with a smooth and speedy operation.

My videos have turned out rich in details and contrast with an accurately sharp focus.

It helped me shoot in harsh conditions as it significantly degraded the lag.

Advanced Autofocus:

I found this camera best for low-light shootings as its high-speed autofocus system provides a low-light improved autofocus sensitivity.

The enhanced sensitivity range has extended from -1EV to -3EV to enhance the working capacity of this camera in low-light dramatically.

This feature of AF has benefitted me the most.

Also, its phase-detection technology has given me easy access to record videos in unfavorable conditions in terms of lighting.

I get precise and sharp, focused results across the frame without compromising quality.


Fujifilm X-T3 is the best budget camera for the low-light video I have used.

This camera is out of this world.

It offered me all advanced technologies within a cheap range, which any budget-strapped person like me can easily afford.

It didn’t burden my pocket. Its rugged body with powerful features belies its price.

I’m happy to have this budget-friendly which does not compromise on quality.

Panasonic LUMIX GH5S: (best low light HD video camera)

I was studying in the evening shift, and completing all my photography projects in the evening was big trouble for me.

The lighting got worse as the sunsets and didn’t benefit the recording.

To sort out this issue, I have switched to Panasonic LUMIX GH5S, the best low-light HD video camera.

When I learned about its features, I got a sense of reliability.

I have now used it for so long, and it has become my favorite camera to use in low lighting or at night.

Now I comfortably schedule my shoots at night without worrying about the quality.

I usually complete my recording after university, but the low-light performance is too strong to disappoint me.


10.2MP micro four-thirds sensor

ISO 204800

Dual native ISO

1x optical zoom

Electronic Viewfinder

2160p video resolution

4K video production

1.3x shutter speed

12fps continuous shooting rate


This camera is best because it’s optimized for movie recording and low-light performance because of its advanced ISO sensitivity range.

Its effective 10.28MP sensor, DCI, and UHD 4K video recording are achievable at up to 60p.

The perfect pixel size also manages the performance in low-light by utilizing a sufficient ISO 204800 and a dual native ISO technology.

OLED eye Viewfinder:

The dynamic combination of sense and processor also helps me get perfect quality by swift readout speeds and 1.3x less shutter distortion.

Its sensor’s comprehensive sensitivity range has also been used to promote working with HDR modes to virtually improve my dynamic range and afford more flexibility when color grading during post-production.

A high-resolution eye viewfinder of 3680K-dot holds out precisely what I considered to see even under direct bright sunlight.

Precise Focus:

It offers me a continuous shooting rate of 12 fps with single-shot AF or eight fps with continuous autofocus.

This camera is explicitly arranged for low-light shooting and high-resolution video recording.

This favorite camera always gives me artifact-free results with sharp and precise focus.

I face no difficulty tracking moving subjects as this camera, with its advanced abilities, knows how to do its work with perfection.

Impressive Engine Performance:

Its impressive engine allows accurate color detail, texture, and pattern along with fast readout speeds.

Its multi-pixel luminance generation and intelligent detail processing have allowed me to maximize sensitivity, segment, and accuracy in various lighting conditions.

I get blur-free videos even when shooting handheld and in low lighting.

The working engine combines with advanced image stabilization to neglect vibrations and shakiness from my videos.

My videos appear with high clarity, thanks to this dynamic collaboration.


Panasonic LUMIX GH5S is the best low light HD video camera which has given me cinema-like quality in all available conditions.

This camera has taken my shooting performance to another level with high accuracy and precision.

It gives me professional HD video results by utilizing its high-end features.

Its silky smooth video recording capability has allowed me to shoot better videos. Try it now by getting it!

Panasonic HC-WXF991K: (best low light video camera for hunting)

Last year when I visited South Africa, my friend had promised to get me the experience of hunting at the safari.

I always wanted to try out this luxurious hobby once in a lifetime.

This year, when I got the chance to revisit South Africa, I prepared myself for the hunting, and for preserving those moments, I packed Panasonic HC-WXF991K, the best low light video camera for hunting.

I have recorded the entire hunting occasion of the deer.

I have lived the best day of my life, which has gratefully seized in my camera roll just because of this incredible camera.

The results were fantastic, even in the terrible lighting, which makes it my top most favorite camera.


18.91MP sensor

4K ultra HD recording

5-axis hybrid image stabilization

HDR movie mode

ISO range 100- 102400

24/30 fps frame rate

1080p displays

Electronic viewfinder EVF


This camera is best because it allows me the best quality video night and day.

The combined effort of every feature gives high-resolution.

Its simple yet powerful operation enables me to get the high-quality 4k UHD and full HD video.

It gives me the cinema-like effect in any working situation.

4K UHD videos:

Its effective sensor gives me sufficient resolution that combines with a Crystal Engine 4K image processor to support 4K UHD video at 24/30 fps and 1080p video up to 60 fps.

Its impressive ISO sensitivity helped me get the best quality results in low-light situations.

This feature of this lens has made it reliable for me.

The Intelligent zoom of this camera has boosted its range up to 40x for Full HD and 25x for 4K recording of my videos.

Digital Image Stabilization:

My photos and videos have become more transparent, level, and stable-looking handheld footage.

It includes optical and digital image stabilization, which corrects all 5-axis for me, blended with Panasonic’s Level Shot function.

Its electronic ViewfinderViewfinder has made life easier by improving viewing in bright daylight or at night, while a slide and tilt mechanism delivers improved flexibility for more comfortable recording.


Panasonic HC-WXF991K, the best low light video camera for hunting I have used up till now.

Its results and stabilization have made it the most used lens of mine.

I used it for many other purposes for which it worked outstanding, but especially for hunting shooting, it’s my ideal choice.

Every feature of this lens is close to my heart. Give it a try by using it by yourself!

Sony A7 III: (best low light sports video camera)

I was working with the sports board in a screening and telecast department.

I was a beginner, and I didn’t know much about the camera and its technicalities.

I learned over time by experiencing and exploring.

Luckily I got the chance to work with the sports department.

I bought the Sony A7 III, the best low light sports video camera.

This camera has never broken my trust.

The videos recorded by this camera are highly professional.

I have got so much appreciation for my work and services to them.

I have found them ideal for the sports niche as you have to work in a horrible lighting environment.

Its expert qualities are out of the world.


12.1MP sensor

Optimized for 4k

ISO up to 409,600

BIONZ X image processor and front-End LSI

Fast Hybrid AF

10-bit depth

4:2:2 color sampling

5-axis steady shot image stabilization

2.36million-dot Tru-finder OLED EVF

UHD 4K video recording

Ten fps of frame rate


I liked this camera and found it best because of its applications in various working conditions.

It gives me refined speed processing and effective low-light performance.

Its image sensor and improved autofocus allow me a stabilized video recording with its outstanding sensitivity range of ISO up to 409,600.

My videos are of more excellent resolution and minor noise disturbance.

Dynamic Range:

The sensor of the camera pairs with the image processor, which enables me to get high-resolution stills and videos while minimizing noise and improving speed and rate.

The UHD 4K video recording enables a wide dynamic range by utilizing the full-frame sensor.

The sensor and processor combination also helps me get a fast continuous shooting at up to 10 fps.

High-end stability:

Its fast and quick autofocus with reliable subject tracking operation adds more accuracy to my work.

My videos turned out highly professional and stabilized because of their 5-axis steady shot image stabilization that neutralizes five different types of camera shake.

Usually, I encounter blur and shakiness trouble resolved by this advanced technology during handheld shooting.

Fast AF system:

I can quickly shoot at nighttime or low-lighting without stressing over-focus because this camera offers an advanced fast hybrid AF system.

Even in low-lighting, the enhancement of working capacity is made possible due to the 4D focus it provides.

The professional results I get with its high-grade functionality have made me fall in love with its versatility.

I get a precisely sharp and clear vision in my videos with a high-quality focus that can detect the subject even in nighttime, low-lighting.


Sony A7 III, the best low light sports video camera, has always surprised me with its advanced technologies.

It worked best in any situation without any disturbance.

Its robust magnesium alloy body assures durability and rigidity, while the internal video recording features ensure the best outcomes any time anywhere.

It’s my constant partner to any sports ground. Try it by yourself!

Sony Alpha 7 II: (best full-frame camera for low light video)

Paris is the place of love. When I was in Paris, the first place I visited was the Eiffel tower.

I always wanted to record its beauty at night, so I planned to visit the site and shoot the beautiful breathtaking place.

This beautiful building symbolizes love and affection; many people come to propose to their loved ones.

It’s one of the most recognizable landmarks.

To record the beautiful view of the Eiffel tower, I took the Sony Alpha 7 II, the best full-frame camera for low-light video.

This camera impressively recorded the full-length shots in a single frame by working outstanding even in low light.


24.3MP resolution

ISO sensitivity range 100-25600

2.36 million-dot OLED electronic viewfinder

Shutter speed of approx. 4.5stops

5fps frame rate

Lock-on AF tracking

1920×1080 HD video recording

5-axis stabilization

Magnesium alloy construction


I found this camera the best because of its 24.3-megapixels with a customizable control and shutter release button.

Its outstanding sensor allows me to have high-resolution images with improved low light performance with the effective ISO sensitivity range of 100-25600.

I get more details and richer tones by its improved LSI (large-scale integration).

My video and images turn out noise-free with rich information because of its dynamic image processor.

Speedy shutter:

It provides the 5-axis image stabilization, which overcomes the camera shake I encounter when shooting handheld for stills and videos.

It confidently controls all my camera shakes for approximately 4.5stops of shutter speed for working with a large variety of subjects.

I have seen a highly improved AF system in this camera.

Additionally, it gives me a rate of 5 fps while utilizing continuous autofocus and automatic exposure.

Excellent quality videos:

My videos have turned out with superior quality and minimal noise.

It allows me to record full HD 1920 x 1080 video at frame rates of 60p, 30p, and 24p high-resolution.

I can control the colors of the field with ease with its customizable color controls.

I quickly adjust the black or color level or more, giving my work accuracy.

24.3MP CMOS image sensor:

I shoot high-quality videos even in the evening or low-lighting because of the effort of this camera’s CMOS 24.3MP image sensor.

The enhanced sensor of the camera is the key to achieving better results in low-light.

This sensor has been combined with a BIONZ X image processor.

This fantastic combination produces videos of rich and subtle gradations and an expansive dynamic range with noise suppression.

I confidently take this camera at any time to shoot as the ISO range improves the light’s sensitivity and enables excellent clarity to my videos.


Sony Alpha 7 II, the best full-frame camera for low-light video, has proven itself by incorporating a fantastic range of features.

Each feature of this camera attracts me to use it.

I had a great experience using this camera with a better grip.

Its magnesium alloy body construction also pleased me, which didn’t hold me back from getting this camera. Get this camera now!


Alright, guys, so that concludes all the cameras we will talk about today in this article.

Do you guys have any experience with these cameras? What are your thoughts on them?

Which are your best cameras for low light video?

Is there a camera that I didn’t mention in this article that you love to use for low light video?

Would you please leave your thoughts and comments below?

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